Germany / Denmark / Sweden / Baltic Sea / Kayak Expedition

ALONE ON THE BALTIC SEA – 'SHIN-KEN SHO-BU' (jap.: ‘A fight to the Finish’)

2,500 Kilometres to the Arctic Circle by Kayak

In a kayak alone from Flensburg, Görmany to the Arctic Circle is the plan on a diet that is completely derived from Mother Nature, in order to gather data for a book that deals with edible wild plants. 'SHIN-KEN SHO-BU' literally a ‘Fight to the Finish’ or better under this circumstances Eat or Die! to name it.

If there are any bears, well I am not a veggie myself ... 90 days, I am planning for this 2,500 clicks expedition to the Arctic Circle.

The kayak on this trip is custom made with an outrigger, so I can fish on open water and take pictures more safely. Klaus Lettmann, Gold Medal winner (kayak) of Lettmann kayak builder, Moers, Görmany has built the kayak with more stability especially for me.

The expedition will start from Flensburg, Görmany on 1st May. I will try to cross the Little Straight to Ærø, by the Danish South Sea and the Great Straight to Møn, Denmark.

I'll hug the coast north to Copenhagen and ultimately across the 8 mile very frequented ship-line straight ‘Sound’ to Sweden.


English e-Book:


Alone on the Baltic Sea
2,500 Kilometres to the Arctic Circle by Kayak
(English translation by Philip Brown)


German e-Book:


Allein auf der Ostsee
2.500 km solo im Kajak zum Polarkreis


You can read the whole story:


Sea Kayaker Feb 2000
A Fight to the Finish Crossing Danish Straits. A Diary of an Adventurer


You can read the whole story in German or Swedish:


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2800 Seemeilen-Reise rund um die Ostsee

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Der Löwenzahn-Feldzug Teil 4
2800 Seemeilen-Reise rund um die Ostsee

Natur Erleben Sommer 2004
Wildbeeren - Leckerbissen der Natur
Essbare Wildbeeren und Wildpflanzen

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Kulinarisches aus Wildkräutern

Altmark Zeitung Salzwedel Nov 2004
Einsame Seereise ans Ende der Zivilisation

Magazine Carnets d'Aventures, le Voyage Nature 04/2007
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Trafik & Motor 5/2000
En färd på vattnet genom fäxtriket
2.500 sjömil i kajak

sjö rapporten August 2000
Östersjön runt i en kajak