»We read to know we're not alone.« (W. Nicholsen)

Published books and EBooks, nationally and internationally by Detlev Henschel.

As a scientist, and author with an adventure problem I have a fascination with nature and the world out there and I’ve been able to make it my life and work (‘The Marathon Man’, Kanu Magazine). I am always happy that I found a ‘way’ very early, and that I'm not exposed to the pressures of today's social darwinistic society.
As an Enfant terrible, I could enjoy many years abroad and on expeditions into a world and nature, which will never be like this again today, and without having to constantly think of my pension, which will never be enough anyway.
But after nearly three decades of studying the martial arts something has always been with me:
The unconditional will of survival outdoors and in the so-called 'civilization': and don't forget!
Luck favors the prepared…

Published books and EBooks, nationally and internationally by Detlev Henschel. Published articles, nationally and internationally by Detlev Henschel.

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A 1,200-mile-paddling-expedition, full of surprises around the deepest lake of the world (1 mile!)!

Kajak Expedition. Kayak Adventure in Siberia
The First Solo Circumnavigation of Lake Baikal
(English translation by Philip Brown)

After Dr. Detlev Henschel’s legendary 2,500-kilometre solo kayak expedition across the Baltic Sea from Flensburg (Germany) to the Arctic Circle, where he largely survived on ‘bush tucker’, this time the seasoned survival trainer, best-selling author and Doctor of Science set off on a thrilling adventure around the deepest lake in the world (a mile!) in Siberia (eastern Russia): Lake Baikal.

It turned out to be an intrepid voyage full surprises and ‘Russian improvisation’: encounters with the Russian mafia, unique nature, a host of hungry bears, storms, forest fires stretching for hundreds of kilometres, people who looked as if they were straight out of Once Upon a Time in the West and a chance meeting with a kayaking couple from America.

Despite the poor odds the Russians on the Baikal gave him of making it back in one piece, Detlev embarked on the 2,000-kilometre circumnavigation of the ‘Fountain of the Earth’, as Siberians call their sacred lake, solo in a kayak. On this for the most part solitary expedition ‘at water level’, he got closer to the soul of the lake and the people around it than anyone before him. …


An honest and self-critical narrative report about a 1,500 mile self-sufficient paddling expedition to the arctic circle, which is not only interesting for paddlers.

Going Solo on the Baltic Sea
2,500 Kilometres to the Arctic Circle by Kayak
(English translation by Philip Brown)

Going on out at sea by kayak paddling for 2,500 kilometres, where one’s dreams meet reality and the sheer adventure lies in ambush everywhere!
Loneliness, hunger, self-doubt on the project and the monotony of paddling accompanied Detlev’s each of the 91-day voyage.
Pain from sitting, torments, the unpredictable Baltic Sea and Arctic cold weather - and for the nightly campfire in cosy atmosphere, mostly lacked the energy. …


Africa, a land where adventures are born.

Four-by-four-, gun- and hiking-stories from Namibia's boondocks (English translation by Philip Brown)

Detlev spent many years living and working as a tour guide and safari operator in Namibia. Namibia – dust, stars and tranquillity; Namibia – part old, mystical Africa, part modern world, merged together yet distinctly separate. Along with his friend and total outdoor rookie Stefan and two Mountain Damara, Collin !Uiseb and Jonny B Good (‘Brandberg Bushmen’), whom they befriend, they set off on a trekking expedition on the Brandberg, an isolated, 600-square-kilometre massif at the heart of the oldest desert in the world, the Namib. On this safari to the mountain off the beaten track, they re-live tales of a bygone era. …


A bestseller about edible wild plants
"For foodies and outdoor fanatics"

Edible Wild Plants – Mother Nature’s Delicacies
Where, when and how to collect and use them.
600 recipes for gastronomists (foodies) and connoisseurs (outdoor fanatics).
(English translation by Philip Brown)

The second book by scientist and adventurer Dr Detlev Henschel is about edible wild plants, which might just save your life if you get into trouble –hence the subtitle: Eat or Die!

Henschel's first bestseller was inspired by his 2,500-kilometre (1,500-mile) solo kayak expedition on the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle, where he had to make do with what he could find along the way. …